Written February 2016
Orange Calendula flowers (also known as Marigold) is most commonly used for treating local skin problems due to infection, and for treating wounds, burns, bruises, or strains due to physical damage. A boon for acne, boils, eczema, and psoriasis. It helps refine pores and renews cells. Normalizes oily skin and overly active sebaceous glands. Works well on oily hair as well as reducing dandruff. It is gentle enough to use in baby care products and can even help cradle cap and diaper rash.

It works for internal digestive inflammation and ulceration. Promotes healing of ailments in the digestive tract. Aids the body by reducing swelling and cleansing toxins from the body. Since it is a “bitter” it works by helping to digest food to avoid indigestion and heartburn. Protects the lining of the stomach and intestines by inhibiting inflammation and swelling.

Calendula works to normalize the menstrual process by regulating and balancing painful and irregular cycles. The Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences says that Calendula consumed seven days before a woman's menstrual cycle may alleviate the pain of cramps.

Gargling with Calendula can soothe sore throats and hinder infections. It also works well as a mouthwash for infected gums and other oral problems.

Calendula Tincture makes a wonderful addition to your herbal home first aid kit. Effective in soothing pain of injuries and promotes healing of wounds. The astringent qualities help the capillaries function better; thus accelerating the treatment of physical wounds, cuts and abrasions, insect bites and stings, muscle pains, bruises, inflamed rashes, hemorrhoids, mastitis, varicose veins and other inflammatory disorders of the body. Calendula also provides benefits in relieving eruptive skin disorders such as shingles, warts from viral infections, ringworm, athlete’s foot and thrush.

Not that long ago I stubbed my big toe on the edge of the stairs and peeled some skin back. I put a few drops of Calendula Tincture on the wound and wrapped it. The pain subsided and it healed beautifully without all the tenderness that normally comes with wounds.

If pregnant you should avoid taking Calendula internally.

Mason Jar
Calendula Petals
80 proof Vodka

Making the tincture is quite simple. Fill the mason jar half way with Calendula (considered the folk method where you just eyeball it). With 80 proof vodka fill to the top leaving an inch of headspace. Cap and let it infuse for 2-4 weeks in a warm place. Shake tincture every now and then. After its finished infusing you can filter out the herb and bottle it or do another infusion by repeating the above steps to make a double infusion. Be sure to label what it is and the date it was made. Store in cool dark cabinet.

How to use:
Can be applied topically for certain skin issues and minor wounds.
Can also be taken by mouth or added to a glass of water, tea, or juice, and drink.
Disclaimer: Statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This recipe is not intended to diagnose, treat and cure or prevent disease. Personally, I make these home remedies that I have researched and used myself. I encourage you to empower yourself with your own health and do your own research.
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Hey, thanks for the forum topic.Really looking forward to read more. Fantastic. Cutright


I wasn’nt aware of the health benefits either! i always learn so much from your blog!

linda Spiker

I love calendula!!! It’s one of my favorite tinctures to have on hand. Great info!

Emily @ Recipes to Nourish

I didn’t realize that calendula had so many benefits. Great post!


This is so interesting! I’ve heard great things about calendula for skin care, but had no idea about its versatility. I need to get some ASAP! :)


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