Spiritual House Cleansing

Home Blessing + Home Cleansing

Your home is your sanctuary where it should bring you peace and serenity. Over time it can collect unwanted negative vibes or just feel as if it's stagnant. When you leave your home and return you are bringing in whatever you picked up from work, the store, from other people. Family visiting can leave a lingering effect that changes the energy of your space. There are numerous things that can effect your home to upset the peace it should have for you.

I recommend to everyone before I visit to give your home a deep cleaning and purge items that no longer serve you. This step has an immense impact on the over-all feeling of your home. It puts you in a more positive frame of mind and invites fresh energy into the home. 

When to do a house cleansing:

  • Moving into a new home
  • A lot of negativity is present
  • You're experiencing a run of bad luck
  • The energy feels heavy, dark, lethargic, or stagnant
  • After a divorce or separation
  • Recovery from cancer or other health related issues
  • A death took place in the home
  • To release grief or sadness
  • When you're ready to sell your home
  • After acts of violence or anger
  • Anytime something feels off or confusing around your home
  • To bring in positive energy before a celebration

Doing a purification ritual for your home on a regular basis will keep your home feeling serene. This is something you can do yourself weekly or monthly to keep your space from collecting negative vibes. Once a year having someone who is attuned come in and perform a cleansing will keep your home feeling harmonious.

Spiritual House Cleansing Pricing:
1500 sqft and under $150
1501 - 2499 sqft $250
2500 - 4000 sqft $350
4001 - 6000 sqft $450

Cleanse and heal your energy, your life and your personal space. Doing a house cleansing ritual can be life changing. I believe that 'space' holds energy and our personal space includes our body, items we come into contact with and our dwelling. I integrate a blend of spiritual modalities in the house cleansing, smudging, and purification. By cleansing your space, it aids in clearing negative imprints from past or current energies.

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