Pastured Pigs

I am glad we started raising our own pastured pork. The difference between homestead pork and that from the store is unbelievable. You can taste the difference and the quality of the meat is by far healthier for you. I get great joy out of seeing the pigs roam wherever they please and do what comes natural to them.

Our pigs are pastured with supplemental feed that is non-gmo as well as garden veggies grown by us using organic methods. The pigs have free range with adequate space to root around and forage. By allowing them to pasture their diet is more diverse and the pigs are just happier, which results in great tasting pork. We do not use the same pastured ground year after year. We rotate so that the land can heal and new growth can establish itself for sustainable farming. We raise the pigs without the use of antibiotics or hormones. All natural and herbal methods are used to treat them.

If you would like to reserve a pig for 2019 a deposit for a whole pig is $100 and a half pig is $50. This amount will be deducted from your final hanging weight. Deposit is non-refundable.

Butcher Fee $45 whole pig // $22.50 half pig (someone comes out and kills the pig and delivers to the butcher shop for us) This charge will be added in addition to the final weight of your pig by the butcher.

Cost per pound on a pig is $3.00. This cost is calculated based on hanging weight after it has been skinned, gutted, and etc. 

Butcher’s Fee is separate from our charge to you. The butcher needs to be paid at time of pick up; their charge is $0.53 lb. For the ham and bacon it is $1.25 lb (These charges are based from 2018 and do not reflect future cost but an estimate). You have the option for MSG/Nitrates/Nitrites Free Meat. Be sure to clarify that with the butcher. For nitrites/nitrates free they use a celery based solution. Yes the celery solution has natural occurring nitrites/nitrates but it is plant based which your body is able to assimilate properly. We currently use Earl's Meats in Holland and that is where you will pick up your pork.

We are located in Cheshire Township 12 miles south of Allegan, Michigan. To reserve your pig fill out the contact form with "2019 Pig Deposit" in the message. We can use Credit Cards or Paypal. Feel free to leave any additional comments or questions and I will be in touch.