Closed until further notice. Made some much needed changes in my life that has led me to reorient what I offer. If you would like to be put on my contact list for future services, please send me an email at

Energy Sessions
Energy sessions are given in a serene and calming setting located at my farm outside of Allegan. During the warmer weather I offer outdoor energy sessions utilizing natures healing energy in combination with the universal energy. I have a small apothecary selection using herbs and essential oils to facilitate your healing journey. It is a relaxing and comfortable setting in which you can relax, feel safe and allow for the outside world to melt away.

Energy Sessions can last ½ hour to as long as 2 hours. Sessions can take place sitting in a chair, lying on a massage table or directly on the ground for a shamanic approach while remaining fully clothed during sessions (footwear, glasses, and jewelry are removed). If you have any allergies, be sure to alert me prior to your session so that I can avoid using.

When making your appointment please inform me which service(s) you wish to have done so that I may schedule an appropriate amount of time. New clients will have intake time for paperwork and for going over what to expect + session time.

:: Military Discount ::
In appreciation of your service, all current and retired military receive 25% off all sessions.

:: Guided Meditation + Energy Session 75-minutes :: 
A period of meditation to become spiritually centered and to prepare you to receive healing energy. COST $75

*:: Shamonic Healing + Plant Medicine ::
The plant kingdom offers a vast array of options for situations ranging from medical conditions, to maintaining wellness, to expanding one’s intuitive and spiritual experiences (only offered during warmer weather from June-September out at my farm where you will be immersed with nature). We will start with a guided meditation where you will lie on the ground to reap the energy of the earth. Once you are relaxed we will begin our energy session. Lastly you will experience a plant bath where a plant infusion made by me is poured over your head. This cleanses your energetic field, to move energy, to restore harmony, and to become one with the oneness of all. My most potent energy work is done with nature as my assistant. (*Shamonic Healing requires time to set up the space and have supplies available.) COST $200

:: For School-age Kids and College Students ::
Energy healing for school-age kids. It is designed to relieve anxiety and stress associated with school, extra-curricular activities and other issues. These sessions can be a tool to help them through challenging moments in life. Sessions may include a chakra reading and balancing and full-body energy healing. Session generally will last 30-60 minutes depending upon the child. COST $50

:: Referral Discount ::
Refer a client who completes one full scheduled session and receive 15% off a 75 minute energy session.

:: Birthday Discount ::
Celebrate your birthday with 15% off your energy session during your birthday month.

ADDITIONAL ADD-ON SERVICES (often are added complimentary as part of the session)

:: Aromatherapy ::
An ancient practice of using plant oils for health and well-being. Plant oils promote physical and psychological wellness through baths, inhalations, facials, and massage. I work with plant oils to facilitate healing emotionally and spiritually. I will guide you on creating ceremony to honor yourself and life to shift energies in your environment. I utilize key essential oils to amplify your intentions to maintain the essence of the experience going forward.

:: Aura Cleanse ::
Just like your physical body, your subtle body in the form of your aura may experience and exhibit stress, fragmentation, and a loss of luminosity. Doing an aura cleanse can detoxify and regenerate both body and spirit.

:: Chakra Balancing ::
Each chakra is a spinning disk of energy. When our energy is out of balance one or more of the chakras are spinning too slow or too fast. Sometimes a chakra will even stop spinning, which means you have a blockage. During a chakra balancing session, I will assess the flow or energy and attune each chakra, clearing and activating the energy within.

:: Crystal Therapy ::
Crystals act as a conduit for healing -- allowing healing energy to flow into the body while releasing blockages and disease-causing energy to flow out. Various stones are placed on your body aligned with chakra points above the head, forehead, throat, chest, stomach, and hip area.

Credit cards and cash accepted.

Sessions are available Monday through Friday by appointment only. 

Questions regarding appointments can be made by email at or message via Facebook page Cheshire Fields or click on Contact at the top of this page.

​I wish you peace and healing.