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Classic Elderberry Syrup

Classic Elderberry Syrup

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I have selected the highest quality organic ingredients to make this liquid powerhouse. This can be taken daily as a preventative or at the first signs of feeling under the weather. This immune supportive syrup combines powerful herbs to fight colds and flus while nourishing the body. Beneficial even during Spring and Transitional months for physical and energetic support to clear the old and welcome the New energies.

Rich in quercetin, zinc, antioxidants, and vitamin C! Elderberry is known for it's immune enhancing and anti-viral properties. Best to use as a preventative, and at the very first sign of a cold or flu. This combo is helpful for overall immune support and blood building. Some studies are showing Elderberry is effective toward the end of colds and flus as well to keep the immune system healthy.

Elderberry works best at the first sign of a cold or flu, studies have shown that if taken early, it can reduce the duration and intensity of cold/flus. Once illness has set in, it is important to nourish the body with healing foods such as homemade broth, garlic, onions, and tons of veggies. Avoid sugar, dairy and gluten while sick as these delay recovery and healing.

Sage is a rock star when it comes to fighting colds, flu, fevers, and coughs. It is classified as a diaphoretic, meaning it pushes heat from the core of your body out to the extremities, causing you to sweat. Sweat is a good thing, it is what breaks a fever, so it helps with the healing process.

Cinnamon + Ginger are warming and add a yummy taste as well as promotes circulation in order to get our blood moving and send out pathogen fighting cells where they need to go.

Raw Honey helps to keep the syrup shelf stable, adds sweetness, soothes sore throat and cough, and has beneficial enzymes to add to the anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory actions of the overall syrup.

Elderberry + Elderflower Extract and Ginger Extract helps to keep the syrup shelf stable. Contains Vitamin C and soothes inflammation in the respiratory tracts.

Keep refrigerated and use within 8 to 12 months, or freeze.

Ingredients: Spring Water, Raw Honey*, Elderberry + Elderflower Extract*, Ginger Extract*, Elderberry*, Sage*, Cinnamon*, Ginger Root*
*Organic or Wildcrafted
Not for children under 1 year.

Recipes Ideas:
Add to water and freeze for Elderberry Popsicles.
Add to Champagne or to Soda Water for an herbal cocktail.

And for those of you who like to nerd out on the science:

A great read about Herbal Medicines and Cytokine Storm:

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This smudge spray smells wonderful, and is great for when I don't feel like burning sage or other herbs. During the summer the burning of herbs seems too heavy , this is just what I needed.

- Monique

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