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Mushroom Magic Soap

Mushroom Magic Soap

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Inspired by the mysticism and magic of the mushroom kingdom.
For fun I used The Mushroom Tarot deck to pull a card. As I was shuffling The World card fell out. This is what it had to say:
"The World represents that moment of joy and profundity when it all makes sense. I say moment because I have never experienced more than brief moments of understanding in my short life, and it's hard to imagine them sticking around. Life is all around us all the time, but it is surprisingly difficult to interact with it or grasp our place in it, but when we do it sure is nice."

Ingredients: Olive Oil*, Moon Water, Coconut Oil*, Shea Butter*, Lye, Hemp Oil*, Castor Oil*, Buddha Wood Oil*, Lavender Oil*, Jojoba*, Patchouli Oil*, Chaga*, Turkey Tail*, Reishi*, Activated Charcoal, Cocoa*, Alacea Salt
*Organic Or Wildcrafted

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This smudge spray smells wonderful, and is great for when I don't feel like burning sage or other herbs. During the summer the burning of herbs seems too heavy , this is just what I needed.

- Monique

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