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Sandalwood Nut Oil Serum 1/2oz

Sandalwood Nut Oil Serum 1/2oz

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Australian Sandalwood Nut Oil is derived from the seed of the Sandalwood tree (Santalum Spicatum), as opposed to the Sandalwood essential oil, which is from the wood of the tree.

This golden oil has a very rare natural fatty acid called Ximenynic acid. This natural blend of nourishing and emollient properties of Oleic acid and Ximenynic acid provides a unique combination. It is very smooth on the skin and absorbs well into the deeper layers of epidermis. 

Properties of Ximenynic acid:

Potent anti-inflammatory agent

  • Potent anti-inflammatory agent
  • Increase micro-circulation in skin
  • Reduce sebum secretion (oily skin)
  • Protects skin from drying environments
  • Heals sores, skin lesions, and burns
Overall benefits:

  • Is a natural treatment for both dry skin and aging skin since it increases the moisture levels and can improve protection against Fine Lines and Wrinkles and stimulates blood circulation, also improves skin elasticity, astringent effect causing skin to look a bit tighter.
  • Reduces enlarged pores, distension and discoloration of the skin.

The sandalwood nut oil is quickly absorbed by the skin and has a very faint nutty odour. Can be used prior to applying makeup, under your favorite night cream, or simply as is. This golden oil is a very smooth and non-sticky "dry" oil. This light non-greasy serum makes a great option for sensitive skin-types.

Ingredients: Cold pressed from the seeds of Australian Sandalwood*
*Sourced Sustainably 

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This smudge spray smells wonderful, and is great for when I don't feel like burning sage or other herbs. During the summer the burning of herbs seems too heavy , this is just what I needed.

- Monique

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